Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Outfit and some Big News.



Dress, belt, and tea basket: vintage

Love the full skirt on this dress and adorable collar. feels so nice and breezey for this weather!

So. The News:

Firstly. I am selling clothes. Lots. Only a fraction of them are up thus far, but the 'shop my closet' tab above should take you to the tumblr displaying some cute outfits I'm selling, and for more vintagey items, check out the 'etsy' tab! I still have a lot to add, but there's some good items so far!

also, I've made a vimeo tab for all the videos I've taken lately. It's gonna take a loooong time to get everything edited and up far there just two little stop actions from our Japan trip. but stay posted!

Secondly and not Lastly, perhaps you are slightly curious why I am getting rid of so many clothes? Well, we are moving to Manhattan in TWO WEEKS. The decision of when and where has been a little up in the air for a while, but we have now officially found an apartment and bought plane tickets, and we will be moving to New York in July.

Since we'll be flying we can't take much with us, and we can't afford to use a moving truck so pretty much everything I'm not deathly attached to has to go. Your gain ladies!


  1. Wow! I'm so glad to hear that you'll be moving to "the city". It's a very hip place. In fact sometimes I think it might be too cool for a teacher like me. LOL. Whatever you do, don't look at people on the trains. Sometimes it'll provoke weird people to do even weirder things.

  2. Eek! I am so excited about your big sale! <3 Literally can't wait!! P.s. I love the pan collar and the colour of the dress you're wearing! Be sure to enter on Lost in the Haze to win a £100 ASOS Voucher!


  3. Omigoodness that is a lot of news! Awesome! I love this green ensemble you have going on today!

  4. NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is my TRUE and HONEST reaction!

  5. Wow, you're moving to New York!! I am insanely jealous. That sucks that you can't get a moving truck, but I guess it's also a good excuse to do away with things you don't desperately need. Cool!

    Loving the dress by the way! Full skirts are one of my faves this summer.


  6. going to check this out now I adore your style!
    hope you will visit me again sometime :)
    XX Ilana

  7. Good luck with your move! Living in New York, that would be such a dream... lucky you! The green dress is gorgeous by the way! :)

  8. I'm super excited for your move to manhattan but I NEED TO GO CHECK OUT YOUR SHOP NOW KBYE

  9. Oh my gosh! You are moving to Manhattan! What part of the city are you living in? You could be in my ward! I sure hope so!

    North Meets South

  10. You're going to have so much fun in New York! And this vintage dress you're wearing is stunning!

  11. Woo Hoo! Everyone should live in Manhattan once in their life, and it's the best when you're young. Don't sell your sweaters, though, it's cold as heck there in the winter.

  12. Awesome!! Manhattan is and always has been my favorite place in the world. You'll love it. :)

  13. Manhattan!? Thats so awesome! I heart NYC soooo much. I lived there for about a year and always dream about living there some day. Congrats - its going to be so exciting!

    P.S that dress is ridiculously adorable.

  14. Nice posts!

  15. What a super cute dress! Looove it!
    And will head over to your shop now to have a look :)

  16. Beautiful dress! Ooh good luck with your move, hope you have a fantastic time there :)

  17. OKAY. I have tried to write you this comment twice already, but I keep doing stupid things like mashing my keyboard so that it goes to the last few pages I was on and then loses the whole thing. So mind, that this has been a struggle. Hehe.

    That's so exciting and I am so happy for you. I wish there was something like a move that might push me to really purge my closet. Because I know there are things in there I don't wear--though for some reason, it's still hard for me to get rid of things. It'd be refreshing to have a closet full of only things you adore.

    And, since I've been wondering--what's your focus in film?

    And, lovely outfit as usual :D

  18. That is the most adorable dress! Best wishes for your move. Adventure is sure to await you!

  19. A lot of wonderful news! I like your outfit very much. And when you move to Manhattan, take photos for us! xx

  20. This is a beautiful dress and you wear it perfectly as all your dresses really! I hope you will like the very busy and intense Manhattan. I live about 20 minutes outside of the City in NJ. It's crazy there. . .I'm not too fond of entering into it but I know loads of people who adore going there.

  21. I live in NYC and I really should consider myself lucky to be able to live here. But honestly, I think I'll enjoy it more if I escaped to the countryside for just two days, because I'm so sick of the bad air, noise, and constant traffic. Good luck moving here! NYC is EXPENSIVE. No joke.

    That dress is perfection. How do you girls manage to find these pieces?