Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Midsummer Celebration

The other night our family friends the Drysdales invited us over to celebrate Midsummer. The mom, Kristin is an amazing cook, and their whole family does everything from scratch, like everything. they built an actual ten foot maypole in their backyard with flowers and ribbons all over it, they had fresh cut flowers everywhere and lanterns, bratwursts, kraut, and potatoes, and tons of pastries. It was amazing. Unfortunately I started feeling super sick and didn't get a picture of the maypole, but luckily I did document the food!

such a lovely evening:)


  1. i hope you're feeling a bit better now! the food looks delicious (:

  2. Whoa those pastries are to die for! Love enjoying food outdoors during the summer. Hope your feeling better.

  3. gorgeous photos. x

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  4. Ooh the foods looks yummy! I'm hungry now :D.