Saturday, April 9, 2011

april blizzards can take it in the kisser


it has been a while. a couple days, really- which in the grand scheme of things isn't too bad I suppose. But I made a goal to make myself post every day, and once a couple days slip by, my motivation slips exponentially and then most projects that I resolved myself to work on at this point fall by the wayside. It has been snowing and sleeting all week, and I came down with a nasty bout of flu, so I have been house and bed ridden without the slightest motivation to take outfit posts at all lately.

Luckily, I have a stash of about 3 or 4 shoots that have been sitting around waiting to be posted anyway, so I can stay inside and put those up instead of getting dressed and ready against my will power. That being said, I have to express my surprise and gratitude that in my absence, my follower count has grown to 72 and I have been left the nicest most supportive comments in the highest numbers I've ever received. I definitely wasn't expecting so many comments to come back to after disappearing for several days.

So- HEY new followers, and Hey not new ones also and thanks so so much for the interest and support! It is definitely felt and appreciated, and after this crazy hard semester is over I hope to be more consistent and dedicated to this whole goal thing.






These trousers were such a sweet surprise. I had just mentioned to my mom in passing that I wondering what happened to my old riding trousers from when I used to take lessons, and a couple weeks later when i was visiting home she pulled these out for me that she had found on the internet. They had an adorable Korean tag on them and were my exact size, which is impressive since I haven't lived at home in ages and my mom can still guess that accurately. Anyway, I love them because of the emotional significance I guess, and they are also incredibly comfortable and remind me of horse riding in France when I was 12.

Blazer: thrifted
Blouse: thrifted
Riding Trousers: gift from mom<3
Oxfords: thrifted
Earrings: great grandma's


  1. I love riding pants, so classy! Your earrings are gorgeous!

  2. There are so many things I like about this post (but you being sick is NOT one of them!). The lace, the riding pants, those gorgeous earrings, your oxfords and that pretty suitcase! You are so, so beautiful - especially in the last photo. :)

    Thank you for the recipe! I am definitely trying that with Erin soon. :) I hope you get better soon -- rest up and drink lots of fluids! Take care!

    - Caroline (

  3. Oh and congrats on the huge amount of followers! You definitely deserve it. :)

  4. AW, what good mom. For getting you riding pants and for taking you riding IN FRANCE when you were 12. I kind of wish I were you.

  5. i love the idea of lace and riding pants styled together! and this vitnage suitcase is absolutely adorable!
    i found you through chictopia and now im a follower of yours too :))

    come and visit my blog if you like...

  6. oh wow. those trousers are amazing and so sweet of your mother to get them for you. Horse riding in france sounds devine.
    love that suitcase lady

  7. So lovely. Simple and classy like always. Congratulations on all of the new followers--you definitely deserve it. I swear, you are one of my favorites now :) The lace is such a pretty little detail. Get well soon.

    <3 Lea

  8. i love your pants, patches like that on clothes make me swoon, so geeky but so awesome. xo

  9. You blog is adorable! I love your riding pants. <3
    Kala Noel.

  10. This outfit is absolutely sublime!

  11. Welcome back! I've been wondering where you have been! You definitely came back with a bang, though. That outfit is sweet! Seriously, what thrift stores do you go to? I only went to DI in Provo but usually came away empty-handed. Probably b/c I don't have your eye. Anyway, you look fabulous!

    North Meets South

  12. So lovely! All the details are just so perfect. Good luck with getting through the semester - it's almost done!

  13. Wow, hello from Hong Kong. First time stop by yr blog!! I love yr vtg outfits. Have followed you, do you mind follow my blog as well?

  14. Aww, your mom is so cute and thoughtful! Those are really amazing pants, I'm impressed.

  15. i love your earrings!!! i saw a bunch this past weekend when i went to a some antique stores with my mom. i just KNEW i should have bought at least one of them on the way home haha. so gorgeous!

    this semester has been crazy hard for me too! keeping up with a blog and life is such hard work!

    lovely blog you've got here hun! following! =D

  16. oh wow the whole outfit is so sweet and vintage! you look so lovely!


  17. Your mom sounds so nice. the riding pants are adorable. Congrats on all the followers.

  18. things i love: that jacket, those earrings, and the suitcase.