Sunday, March 20, 2011

today is not St Patrick's day, but...

ok, this post is three days old now due to the hiatus, and then being really really busy. so here's what happened on St. Patrick's day.

1) I wore this dress I found in Tokyo for THREE dollars, and it wasn't even a thrift or consignment store. It was the only one, by far the cheapest item in the store, and exactly my size. I almost peed my pants. anyway it's one of my favourite green items, so I've been waiting for this special green day to post it.

Also I found this amazing ring, with a real four leaf clover enclosed inside, a couple years ago at Coal Umbrella (which sadly has closed now). I had broken a mirror that day, and then just happened to find this ring! later that night Ryan kissed me for the first time...and now we're married so there's a fun story to this baby.

Also, it got chilly again so I wore this coat I found at Harajuku for TEN dollars. Seriously you guys, Japan does not typically have such cheap clothes, especially in the shopping districts. seriously lucked out on this trip. It's a pretty pastelly green so I've been waiting to spring to wear it.

We had some friends over in the evening for corned beef and cabbage, irish cheddar and crackers, and fresh limeade.


  1. wow. great green finds. That was such a lovely story about the mirror, clover leaf and first kiss

  2. That dress fits you perfectly! It looks great! And I'm in love with the story behind the ring -- it really is lucky! :) So, so, so cute. :D

    - Caroline (

  3. what a great find!


  4. Loving the dress on you! I could never do strapless but I love the way you layered a top underneath. The ring story is so darn sweet!

  5. I love this shade of green and silhouette on you! It was truly a great steal, I can't believe how cheap it was! Also, the layering of the striped shirt under is such a fantastic idea. I may have to try that some time. ♥

  6. That dress- amazing! I can't believe you found that for 3 dollars. It fits you perfectly. And I'm in love with that ring - so unique. I really love this outfit!


  7. Dang, that dress is awesome! The color is gorgeous, and as all good dress do, it has pockets. Seriously, pockets in skirts and dress has changed my life!

    North Meets South

  8. you're so very lovely, Kathryn dear

  9. Wow that dress looks so amazing on you! It really was meant to be the story of that ring and your first kiss. =)

    -Erin (

  10. Amazing find three dollars! I love to color paired with the adorable jacket. Swoon. xoxo

  11. I love all of the green! Your dress is so flattering and that coat!!!! Love it. Sounds like you had a very festive and fun St. Patty's Day!