Saturday, March 5, 2011

Silver Dollars

Jacket: thrifted,
skirt: thrifted,
shoes: thrifted,
tights: kohl's,
shirt: ross,
scarf: cost-plus world market

The necklace is a silver dollar with The Walking Liberty embellishment that my grandpa had made into necklaces for all his granddaughters. He was an avid coin collector, and kept all his coins in sweet smelling cuban cigar boxes, categorized by country and year. I got into the hobby when I was around 10, and he was so excited someone shared his passions. Whenever we came over he wanted to go through all his coins, and explain their origins to me, and I often left with a surprising amount of his collection to take home. I've been meaning to make some cool work of art out of all his different coins to hang in my home, so that they're not just shut away in boxes.

We went to Harmon's today :) The bread is fantastic, and we got some sourdough for paninis. we also tried to exchange the purple and yellow orchid for a white one, but there weren't any, and the flower lady was kind of insane. Then we went up the canyon a little bit to take pictures, and I found my favourite new location.

also, thanks SO much everyone for your kind and supportive comments on my last post! It means the world.


  1. 1. I'm in love with all the different colored tights you have!

    2. I also love the background story to your necklace. :) It made me smile!

    3. That is an awesome place to take pictures!

    - Caroline (

  2. Sweet blog:) I just found you from Laurels:) Im your newest your have very pretty style!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  3. Ok I LOVE your blog. this outfit is adorable and the background is SO fascinating! just came across your blog from another page-- can't wait for more posts!!

  4. Cute outfit lady. I adore that coat and I'm loving those tights!

  5. I love the story behind your coin necklace. I think it's absolutely lovely way to remember your roots.

    What an awesome day of photographing! The scenes are fantastic-I hope you spend some time exploring!

    -Erin (

    P.S. I agree with Caroline- your plethora of colorful tights is making me want to go buy the rainbow (in tights-form)

  6. Your adorable.
    I love your outfit. especially the red tights. =)


  7. the scenery in your photos doesn't look real its so awesome! it looks like you copied and pasted your self into it, especially as you are balancing right on the edge!

    The story of your necklace was beautiful. I loved those moments as a child with your grandparents, them passing on pearls of wisdom and storys.


  8. Looking lovely and a great location too :)
    Love the coin necklace. I have a Schilling (Austrian currency pre the Euro) in my jewelery box I've been meaning to mess with for years and years..