Thursday, March 3, 2011

one of those days...

oh boy.

Well, the day got off to an ominous start when the two 15ish page PDFs I had to read for class wouldn't open so I could read them. If I selected 'view' then they came up all sideways and I tried absolutely everything to rotate them but nothing worked. If I clicked "download" then a window popped up asking for an administration password and I spent almost a whole hour trying to figure how to fix this and what to do. Finally I emailed my teacher and he sent me rotated PDF's back, which was nice, but I'm already short an hour by now. It took me about three hours to read it all and do my writing assignments.

OF course, there is no printer in the whole fine arts building, so I had to email my papers to myself to print elsewhere. By then I was pretty hungry, and had some leftovers to heat up and eat. I walked all the way to the building where my two o'clock classroom is, thinking I could heat up my food in a microwave and print my paper somewhere. I get to the microwave, and there are two people ahead of me in the line. The first dude puts his lunch in and leaves. After a whole minute, everyone else was starting to get shifty and antsy and no one knew where the owner of the top ramen had got to...two wanted to be the jerk who kicks someone else's food out...but....finally some bro type comes around the corner and asks if his noodles are done. He checks, and somehow the microwave inexplicably stops working. totally dead. we can see it plugged in and everything....

Luckily I remembered a foreign language club room tucked away in the basement where there was a mini kitchen for food parties. we heated up mochi for strawberry daifuku once in MICROWWAVE. So I moseyed on over and it was open and I heated up my lunch. then I remembered this food would make me thirsty so I bought a bottled drink. In the middle of eating I remembered I hadn't printed my paper yet, so I hurried up and sought out a computer lab. I open my email to see that the file I emailed myself is not the file I just spent three, nay, four hours working on. Utter panic sets in at this point. How did this happen? Is my file still saved on the one computer on the other side of campus? Will that computer even be available. aahhhh.

So I book it back over to the other building where I'm hoping I saved my stuff. Luckily the computer was vacant and luckily my file was saved on the desktop. again, here there are computers and yet no printers. So. email again. trek back to other building again. open email. print. head to class. by this point I start to feel a mysterious, wettish sensation on my leg. my stomach sinks. not this too. seriously? the cap on my bottles drink, which was still quite full, was on crooked and half of its contents had leaked all over the inside and outside of my bag and all over all my stuff- my homework, my phone, my plush keychains for heaven's sake, my makeup pouch, notebooks, headphones AND my skirt....awesome. Then I couldn't keep my eyes open at all during my urban cinema class so I might as well have not even gone. Then I had one hour to get my reading done for my next class. All these readings are listed on the syllabus as available online, but, of course, this one time, I could not find it anywhere and after about 20 minutes I gave up. After class Ryan brought the camera to take pictures in the one place that had decent light after dark and the card wasn't in the camera.


so, these pictures aren't from today. I'm a little behind, which I guess turns out to be good?



  1. aww one of those days, huh? one thing right after the other...sounds like you were 100 times more patient than i would have been hah. i'm sure tomorrow will bring a better day :)

  2. What a day!
    Well, I think you've filled your quota for bad luck for a long while ugh. Hate those days.

    Beautiful dress btw :)

  3. Oh poor you. What a day! Luckily you had such amazing outfit photos waiting for you! I love the purple and blue paired together. Your outfits always have unique colour combos that I would never have thought of if it wasn't for you!

  4. love the dress!! and the little fox is just so cute!!