Friday, February 4, 2011

What's up, 9 degree mornings? AH. (2 of 30)

oh mah goodness it is so cold. I'm gonna hafta find more good indoor places to take pictures for the next two months....Today was pretty busy again, didn't get home till nine thirty....Ryan got some cool things from his Grandpa today. I'll have to post some of those this weekend when I have time....a super 8 projector! some cool vases! cute wall art! Ryan grabbed all the kitschiest stuff for me since I was in class. what a doll. <3

SO...this outfit...
Blazer: thrifted
hoodie shirt thing: thrifted
shorts: urban oufitters (but only cause it was a huge sale and I was on vacation)
thermal leggings: target
shoes: consignment circuit
hairpiece: made it
necklace: well, a knotted old chain I found somewhere...

1 comment:

  1. I'm liking these shorts. I wish I was daring enough to pull something like that off. You do it well.