Saturday, February 5, 2011

outfit number 4/ spanish fork outing

cardigan: last chance top: vintage, Pib's Xchange pants: papaya shoes: thrifted (DI) balloon: gifted.

Ryan and I explored main street in Spanish Fork today and we decided to eat lunch at the Lotus Temple. Ryan didn't want to take any pictures there because going to the Hari Krishna Temple is considered hip in Provo, and all the hip kids post their hip outings there on facebook....

I thought...well, fair enough, but...the scenery is beautiful, the architecture is an interesting anomaly in these parts, the people are super nice, and they have a pretty fantastic vegetarian buffet for five dollars.

Why wouldn't anyone want to stop by if they're already in the area? Also, documenting is kind of what I I wasn't about to not take picture...

When we got there we ran into this adorable little girl who lives there. She marched right up to us and told us we couldn't take pictures inside the temple. I promised her I wasn't going to take the camera to the upstairs place of worship, and we were just there to have lunch in the cafeteria gift shop downstairs. Then SHE wanted to take pictures. After we were done eating she wanted to play with balloons so we hung out for a while.

Oh.....AND...I got attacked by a parrot. That blue macaw in my picture has his wings clipped, so he usually just chills out at the top of the cage. Halfway through our meal, he climbed down the cage to the floor and scuttled over to the table, while the little girl shrieked that he bites and we should pull our feet up (which were bare because you remove your shoes at the entrance to the temple). We pulled our feet up, and I was trying to film the whole thing, but it got really chaotic, and one of the guys there was trying to catch it from under the table and it was snapping and flapping at him and at one point the parrot started climbing up my chair and into my lap...and it was ANGRY by now so that was scary....anyway the dude ended up throwing his jacket over it and putting it back in the cage. that was fun.

She was so fun! We asked her what her name was- she said something really fast, and when we asked to to repeat it, she loudly and emphatically, just as fast, and quite slurrishly, repeated the same hard to decipher code about 12 times in a row and then explained that now we could never forget it.


  1. Fun post! Love all the fun colors! That girl looks like she has tons of personality!

  2. hah! i love the picture of her face popping up in the picture. it seems interesting for there to be a hari krishna temple in utah, i never would have guessed that.

  3. what a fun little adventure. that little girl is the cutest! :)

  4. Are you kidding me? A parrot AND chartreuse? Sorry, but you are putting my outfits to shame!

  5. my favorite is the picture where the girl is blurry but making a great face

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  7. And I kinda like this version of the mustard cardigan too :D Looking comfy and casual!