Friday, February 11, 2011

chugging on 3.5 hours of sleep

Today I taught nonlinear film, which is one of my favourite units to teach. We watched some fun clips, and I showed my ever-anticipated debut of Brodyquest as up for anaylsis and discussion. If you haven't seen this yet. do it. do it right now. It is so delightful. Neil Cicierega (spellcheck wants me to say concierge instead...) is a pure, delighftul genius.

I'm going to an all girls party/sleepovermaybe/ music video making/ film ladies gathering tonight. I'm a little nervous because since I'm married I feel pretty out of the loop and I don't know anyone in my program that well...and I think most of them are pretty close...not to mention I'm a Critical Studies major, so I'm never hanging out on sets and stuff. Ah well, Ryan works all night so I'm going to attend the party and try not to do the whole wallflower thing....I think I'll bring the bobcat and the cobra...

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  1. hope you have fun at the sleepover - you look sooo cute!