Thursday, January 6, 2011


We got one of these for christmas:

Yep that's right. one o' these:

the fabled V I T A M I X

It's really quite exciting. I was always aware that they were awesome in their pulverizing abilities, but I just recently found out they also cook. really. They apply so much heat with the right setting that you can make a pudding and the eggs will cook and blend (!)

we made a chocolate orange pudding to celebrate....and then forgot to take a picture of it.

Then we made this delicious ginger butternut squash soup. it cooked right in the blender! ah! The texture was impressingly smooth and fantastically creamy. This is the best.

We added grilled onions and apples to the creamy concoction of butternut squash, whole milk,pure apple juice, and ginger root. It's garnished with apple slices and plum compote.

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