Friday, January 21, 2011

Late Night Cookins, Grandparents, Suspenders.....Lomography?

Ryan and I went to see Frederick Wiseman's Boxing Gym last week, which was pretty exciting seeing as I've read quite a bit about this dude in my documentary books, and have consequently watched a few of his films, and he's been christened by some, 'the godfather of american documentary' anyway, we saw a screening of his latest film and met him in a question and answer session afterwards. He looks like how Tolkien describes ancient kings. cool eyes. also he was sassy.

Afterwards we wanted Bruge's waffles real bad but it was closed (and also pricey). So we crashed at my parents', who got a Belgian Wafflerthing for Christmas, and we made some midnight blueberry waffles. nom.

earlier this week we went to Ryan's Grandparents for dinner with all the cousins. fun and noisy as always. good food and stuff. I should have taken a picture of it.... but, Grandma made her famous clam chowder, and also stew, so everyone had two meals.

Here are some outfit pictures for this day. The shirt is from Pib's exchange, the cardigan is from Target, the skirt and shoes are from Thrifttown.

Also last week, I made this suspender skirt....with a glue gun, because my sewing machine is broken....I made the fox and buttons out of recycled leather from some boots I modified, and the brown skirt fabric is from DI.

there'll be more pictures of my actually wearing it to come...

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