Monday, January 31, 2011

DI: my skirt haven

It's been getting really really difficult to keep up with posts lately, and it's probably only going to get worse...I have about 70ish papers to grade, an online class discussion to evaluate, tons and tons of reading and writing to do, an exam, and a research project due this week not to mention christmas hasn't been put away and the apartment is a HUGE mess...oh yeah and I teach two classes so I have lessons to plan. Holicrap. I'll try to remain afloat, blog and all.

it's been getting warmer lately, which is nice.

also, every time I grace DI, I find a great skirt that fits awesomely and goes with a ton of my clothes, typically for under $6.

This new wool black one is a gem.

It might be hard to see in the pictures but I found these great striped shoes to match my striped shirt. They're the exact same colour scheme The sash around my waist actually just goes to the shirt.

Shirt: Ross
Skirt: DI
tights: probably Ross
Shoes: forever 21
Peacoat: forever 21
Shoes: forever 21


  1. Homegirl! I got your comment :) Lol! I'm guessing you don't read the same style blogs as I do... basically one of the most famous style bloggers is Kendi She created the 30 for 30 where you remix 30 items of clothing for 30 days. And it's not like you HAVE to do the 30 for 30 or anything. But she kind of says when everyone starts it and everyone does it together if they want. And by everyone, I mean hundreds of bloggers. And you're not the only blogger going to school. I think I'm the only blogger unemployed.

  2. haha thanks. I was mostly exaggerating...and you're probably not either. I guess I got some catching up to do then! sounds doable.