Thursday, July 23, 2015

This Day, 3 Years Ago.



The first time we lived in Japan in 2012, it was my first time spending summertime in Japan, and it was nothing short of magic. There was
always something to do and somewhere to be and I did and saw as much as possible. It did most things on my own since Ryan was working for
his internship, but for the last two weeks my sister came out to visit and we had some really great adventures. Some of my best memories
were from our day out to Kamakura which ended with fireworks on the beach. I made plans to go this year but they were canceled because of
stormy weather- which has kind of been the story for all my plans all summer. We keep getting big storms and typhoons this year:/ So here
are some nice photos of fireworks at a fun summer beach festival. oldies but goodies.





And here is a video I made at the end of the summer- of all our fireworks times in Japan. It still fills me with a nostalgic ache to watch it.
Even though I'm in Japan, you really can't ever recreate the very first time you've been somewhere or done something, and that was a summer full
of magical firsts.

hanabi from kitsune-kun on Vimeo.

And to end, I leave you with silly, bad quality, unflattering photos of my sister and I waiting on the beach for fireworks to su-tah-toh.
Miss her and these memories a ton.



  1. Hi! Sorry, but why are you in Japan again?

    I kinda just starting following your blog, and I'm so jelly! It has been my dream to visit and/or live in Japan since I was little :) I love seeing your photos of where you've been and reading about what's happening there! and oh my, do i love all the colorful kimonos!!

  2. Beautiful photos. How exciting to be in such a different culture.