Saturday, May 16, 2015

Beijing pt 1













We spent 4 days in Beijing a little bit ago- so here is the first installment of travel photos. It was such a beautiful city- So many rich colors and steeped in history. And all the food! I have to admit, I went into the trip with all my walls up and expectations low because of everything I had heard about Beijing from other people- I was kind of prepared for a filthy city with filthy air,and really rude people with no sense of personal space. While I did get grabbed by the arm and dragged into a photo a few times, which was jarring at first, it was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting, and I was really blown away by the city's different dynamics and neighborhoods and vibes. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring through the gorgeous historic districts in the city, and just taking in the different sights and sounds compared to Tokyo. Stay tuned for more images from the trip- we saw some spectacular things!


  1. How beautiful! I love the saturation of colors in these photos. It looks like a fascinating place to visit. (And kind of hilarious/weird that people grabbed your arm to get in pictures!)
    A few of your photos aren't showing up, by the way.

    1. ack! thank you! think i fixed it.... thanks!!

  2. Your photos, lovely as always. You make me want to stop paying off my student loan and just travel, haha

    1. ahhh debt- we know her well. ryan graduated from columbia law school which we will be paying back for the next 40 years I'm sure! We're lucky enough to be living in Japan right now, which makes it really easy to post photos that feel different and exotic, and travel-like, and we are also in much closer proximity to other asian countries. I do feel very lucky! but! I'm a huge believer also that there are great, colorful, touching scenes anywhere and everywhere, and even though they might feel normal or mundane, they will feel exotic to someone else not living there. Sometime I'll spend a whole day pretending I'm a tourist and I only have a limited time to find great shots where I am, and I try to look at things with different eyes. Anyways I guess I'm just trying to say, yes, debt is hard and sucks, but try not to feel stuck by it and work around it- play tourist in your own town, look for interesting looking people and places, plan a day trip or weekend trip to somewhere nearby, etc !

  3. your photos are always so beautiful!!!! I'm so envious of all the lovely places you go to xx <3