Monday, April 6, 2015

The First Bloomers






Last weekend it was rainy and gloomy and a bit windy, BUT the first wave of yoshino sakura peaked. Ryan and
I spent the day at Yoyogi park, first at the farmer's market, then in the park in the grove with blooming cherry
blossoms. Ryan was on the hunt for local honey at the market to take for allergies and we found a booth with two
little old ladies selling honey made in their front yard. Too cute. We tried some other foods from some stalls and
then it started to rain. We didn't have umbrellas with us, and Yoyogi park is the one place I've encountered so far
in Tokyo that doesn't have convenience stores everywhere, ahem, conveniently close.

There were still loads of people hanami picnicking under the big cluster of blooming trees- many whom somehow knew
to pack umbrellas despite the optimistic forecast. It was so crowded near and under the trees that is was difficult
to walk around easily, but thank you Ryan, for doing a smashing job shooting upwards and cropping out the hoards of
revelers. We got too nervous about our camera getting too wet to stay long and headed to the nearest station. And
wouldn't you know it, when we popped up at our home station the rain had stopped, and when we came out a different
exit a magnificent blooming sakura hanging over the moat welcomed us home.



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From Blossomland,
Kathryn B.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I love blossom, it must be amazing to be somewhere with so much of it!

  2. A MOAT? You live in the coolest place.

  3. That colour palette is amazing on you! Especially love the little egg on the back, so adorable.

  4. The red bow and the little egg (?) on your back are adorable! I quite like the colorful umbrellas with the background of the blossoms - make an interesting pattern! <3
    Katie // Lublyou