Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Plum Blossoms





There's a shrine near my neighborhood that is tucked away in some side streets and up some stairs, and it's famous for plum blossoms.
Many plum blossom trees were planted around the grounds back in the day and it's become a well-known spot for blossom viewing in later
winter/ early spring. There are lots of plum blossom themed details around, like some stone carvings, some painted lanterns, and details
in the woodwork.

It is also a shrine dedicated to cows, or perhaps a cow god- so there are several cow statues and cow themed features as well. The grounds
are quite small, and exploring is short and sweet, but there are so many delightful details to take in, and the area is quiet and peaceful.
I'm glad I live so nearby- and I was a bit sad to see the plum blossoms were on their way out when I visited- after a week or stormy, windy
days. It was a beautiful visit, nonetheless, and i'm glad I got these images to remind me of that quiet sunny late winter day.









Plum blossoms are celebrated in Japan as a harbinger for spring- a beautiful, visual queue that warmer, brighter, and more colourful days are on
their way soon. It feels a bit strange to be greeted with visuals of bright pink, red, and white blossoms while the weather is still pretty
nippy out, but it really brightens up the dismal mood that late winter tends to be associated with. Excited for cherry blossoms soon!

from japan,

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  1. Oh man these pictures are so pretty and spring-y. I love all the plum blossom shots. I can definitely see how they cheer up the cold weather by arriving early in the spring.

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com