Sunday, February 3, 2013

Grand Central


Here I am- trying really really hard to be ok with the fact that New York has the most miserable winters I have ever experienced. No snow. no beauty. no winter sports. a chill factor with like a 20 degree margin of difference because of the humidity, wind, and concrete. Today was 25ish degrees but it felt like 0. I was colder than when I go skiing in the Rockies. Accordingly, ever since I've gotten back, what I wear never really matters at all, because I basically live in the same uniform every single frigid day: this down coat, and hat/earmuffs of some sort, and a heavy wool scarf. These layers hardly ever come off. You do so much walking around in New York getting everywhere you need to go that there's no way to not dress like this. I own wool peacoats but they just won't cut it in this kind of weather. So I look like this every day. every day. Maybe I'll just skip outfit posts for the next two months. sheesh.

Anyways, Ryan and I decided to brave the cold and get out of our apartment for the Saturday, so we visited Grand Central Station. It's big and pretty and interesting, and most importantly indoors and heated. Also, for this whole month they're holding a centennial celebration and there are museum-like set-ups in the lobbies, which was fun to explore. Lots of history tidbits and props and dioramas. My favourite part of Grand Central is the constellation ceiling. Ryan's favourite part is the Apple store.








Since I knew we were going to be inside for an extended period of time, I actually did pay attention to what I wore under my coat. for once. It felt like it had been so long since I really planned out an outfit head to toe. I wasn't feeling particularly inspired, so monochromatic felt easy. Black felt easy. Also all I've really seen for the past couple weeks is black coats everywhere. Oh New York. Why do you hate colour so much? Every time I wear a colour out and about I feel like the American girl in Playtime when she shows up to the club in a green dress. It was a little tricky shooting inside. It was always is, right? The colour balance is always so weird, and at least in New York, everywhere is aways SO crowded- you can never get a photo looking solitary, and if you try, you feel bad for all the people waiting for you finish up. My favourite part of the exhibits was the big suitcase wall. I have an awesome vintage suitcase collection, but they all got left in Utah because there was no way to get them to New York, so I miss them sometimes. I kind of wish I had had one to carry for these photos












We'd like to come back with our tripod to take some legit long exposures of us in the hoards of people in the main concourse. Maybe sometime soon, since any indoor time is good time.

blouse- joe fresh
leggings- cozy boutique
shoes- vintage/ ebay
coat- zara, but thrifted from salvation army
earmuffs- pib's xchange
scarf- vintage/ grandma's
socks-christmas gift


  1. I always come into Penn Station when I visit NY, so I've never been to this one even thought it's so famous! I love the shots of you near the vintage suitcases!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  2. A fun way to spend the day! You look darling too.

  3. Your outfit is so adorable. Love these photographs. I've never thought to have a photo-happy session in grand central. I should get on that next time I'm in NY, because these photos are ADORABLE.

  4. Even though you're struggling with the NYC winter, I gotta say, you are making it work based on these photos. I adore this outfit. One thing I hate about having to layer/wear big coats is the fact that most of the time, the outfit underneath is hidden. But your jacket + earmuffs make up for it. Also, the outfit underneath is PERFECT and it seems you did get to show it off at least for a few hours. ;)

    Happy Sunday, lady!
    xxoo E

  5. Wow, it really is beautiful!


  6. Your outfit is really lovely! particularly the dress.
    Love your blog!

    Brogan x

  7. This was lovely! And I'm working on a little suitcase collection myself:) Such cool things to own! And so practical too.

  8. My sis has just arrived in New York for a few days - I can't believe how cold it is, seems much colder than England generally. Lovely photos - I remember loving Grand Central Station when I visited a few years back!

  9. Love this outfit! Especially the jumper. Hope you can endure the cold a bit longer!

  10. One of my favorite places on earth! Wonderful photos :)

  11. what a lovely place!! I adore your shoes!

  12. I'm loving the sock shirt combo here! Great photos, beautiful setting as always!

  13. Gorgeous photos of grand central! I am loving all of those vintage luggage bags!

  14. I love your shoes and the phone case!

  15. i love the architecture:)) thanks for sharing~
    drop by my blog too?

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  16. Aww that first picture of you pouting is cute lol A good lead into this post! Don't worry deary, your winter wear is classic and adorable, lucky girl! And oh my that jumper is just perfect. You look like a time traveler :)

    <3 Megan

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